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About Company

Over a century ago, TIAA embarked on a truly noble mission – to ensure that teachers could enjoy their well-deserved retirement years without financial worries. Back then, the idea was simple yet profound: educators who shape young minds should themselves retire with dignity and peace of mind.

But TIAA’s story didn’t stop with teachers. As time went on, they recognized that the spirit of service extended far beyond the classroom. People working in not-for-profit organizations, from healthcare to community development, from the arts to social advocacy, also needed support for their financial well-being. And so, TIAA’s mission evolved to embrace a wider range of dedicated individuals.

Today, TIAA stands as a pillar of financial stability and support for all those who commit their lives to making the world a better place. Their array of financial products and services is a testament to their dedication. It’s not just about numbers and investments; it’s about empowering people to build their futures, to create a strong foundation for themselves and their families while they work to strengthen their communities.

Imagine a nurse working tirelessly at a not-for-profit clinic, a researcher striving to find solutions to pressing global issues, or an artist igniting inspiration through their creations – all of them deserve a partner that understands their unique financial needs. TIAA has become that partner, offering guidance, expertise, and a helping hand along their journey.

TIAA’s roots in supporting educators have grown into a towering tree of assistance that now shelters a diverse and passionate community of individuals. It’s a reminder that no matter where we work or how we serve, our financial well-being is a vital part of our overall ability to make a difference. TIAA stands as a tribute to the spirit of service, ensuring that those who dedicate their lives to others can also enjoy a secure and fulfilling financial life.

Detailed Info about Job Description:
Education:Any Degree
Job Role:Analyst – Software Developer
Year of Experience: Fresher
CTC Package:Industry Standard
Location: Pune, IND
Role and Responsibility

Software Developer
The Software Developer job programs and configures software to meet business needs. Under close supervision, this job assists with identifying and analyzing business software needs, writes basic code to optimize the performance and efficiency of the organization’s information technology (IT) platform and infrastructure and conducts testing to ensure programs are functioning properly.

  • Writes business requirements and technical specification documents to design and develop technical solutions that meet business needs in the financial industry.
  • Communicates with IT contacts and business partners to design, develop, and troubleshoot end-to-end technical solutions.
  • Performs basic coding to written technical specifications.
  • Ensures coding components are in accordance with company standards and as defined in approved testing plans.
  • Identifies and suggests corrections for reported defects.
  • Creates run time profiles to identify any debug errors that may exist.
  • Escalates issues as appropriate to more senior team members.
  • Seeks advice from senior management regarding challenging software circumstances and other problems that require a more complex understanding of information technology (IT).

Educational Requirements

  • University (Degree) Preferred
Work Experience
  • No Experience Required
Detailed Info about Job Description:
  • Company: TIAA
  • Job Role: Analyst – Software Developer
  • Education: Any Degree
  • Year of Experience: Freshers
  • CTC Package: Industry Standard
  • Location: Pune
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